Wan Mad

Wan Mad Wan Mad Wan Mad Wan Mad Wan Mad Wan Mad Wan Mad Wan Mad Wan Mad Wan Mad Wan Mad

Wan Muhamad Wan Hamzah or well known as Wanmad. Interest in photography started since University days but really pick up the camera in the beginning of the digital era in 2005/06.

Self thought/learned about photography from magazines, books and photography forums back in those days.
Been active in wedding and event photography since 2006.

Since 2005 have been also active in Paintball Photography an extreme sport and have since been going at it until now.

My endeavor in paintball photography have brought me near and far, form all over Malaysia to Singapore and Australia photographing this extreme sport. In 2016 was appointed Head of Media for the Kuala Lumpur Paintball World Cup Asia with international paintball media and teams participating.
Currently still active in this genre and will continue on until it’s time to retire.

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